Average Chap is Men’s Lifestyle blog by Raj Dhokia.


“Be Average, be Mean”


This is a space for me to write and present the life of an Average Chap.

There is no reason being average means being boring, fading into the crowd or following the same direction as everyone else. I live a mean life, full of activity, bucket lists, business, arts, travel, cars, DIY, sports and anything else the average person does.

Much of this site is dedicated my journey around weight and fashion. Mixed with some life experience, interests and opinions, it forms an image of me as much for posterity as entertainment. I would hope if we ever met, I would be exactly as you would expect from reading this blog.

I write from the mind, I’ve put a lot of work into it and believe it is still led by the heart. This means that everything on this site is ethical and thought through as to the impact on myself, my readers and those I work with or feature.

I have a professional career, a love for the arts, a colourful past, a passion for travel, a list of health issues, a list of ambitions, I have a wife, a family and I have friends. I like cars, sports and food. I am a chap and I am average and yes the heading is a maths joke.

See you around,
Raj aka Average Chap



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