Tickets booked!

Badminton is my sport. You know when people have their THING, as sad as it might be, badminton is mine. I’ve played since I was 10 and played to pretty high level.

I played for my county, my school and captained my university. Including a competitions were we beat Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and Loughborough.

When I was young, about 13, my school took those interested in Badminton to the then NIA to watch a qualifying day of the Yonex All Open Championships. Since then I’ve been to watch about 8 times from qualifying to finals. I’ve seen Team GB break records and breakdown. Some of my heroes have retired and some are now coaching.

This year, now living in Birmingham and close to the new NIA, now the Barclaycard Arena, I’ve booked tickets for me and my bro to go to Finals Day.

I’m well excited and while some of you, including Elizabeth, the person I’m marrying in 6 months may think “Loser!” – I can’t wait.

“Having a sport to be passionate about 

and one that Britain actually turn up to

is something special”


With the likes of the Chris and Gabby Adcok giving us some aspirational lessons in relationship management, I can’t wait to hopefully see them in action as well as China’s Lin Dan, the 5 time World Champion, Lee Chong Wei, Chen Long, Rajiv Ouseph and a lady I spent my early years playing against – Fontaine Chapman.

credit- BadmintonPhoto

Fontaine Chapman (credit- BadmintonPhoto)

It’s also a very equal game, the women are outstanding and insanely talented, age is not a barrier and it has a lot to teach other sports. Arguable the game I want to see is the mixed doubles final. In fact at uni there was one person I could never beat and she was a Team Britain candidate, I have never in all my days played any man or woman with her skill.

“It’s also a very equal game”

So off to the Barclaycard Arena on Sunday 13th March for the Yonex All England Championships with my brother who got me into the sport and was my coach during those early years. I think we stopped playing when I could beat him… regularly.

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