UE Boom

Music has always been quite major to me. So when portable speakers became a possibility it was an exciting time.

After some recent work with Pinterest, the team at Brands4Life invited us to a collab between Logitech Ultimate Ears and Velorution in London to show off the UE Boom. Their top spec portable wireless speaker offering.

There are 2 speakers on the market that I respect the most, the Bose Soundlink Mini and the UE Boom. They both have their merits and for me 2 places, in my day to day life.

The UE Boom is compact, bluetooth, waterproof, loud, clear, can be controlled with an app and can be charged with a micro-usb lead.

That makes it my most versatile sound accessory. The Bose meanwhile has a richer sound and mantelpiece styling, but lacks the battery life and versatility of the UE Boom not being water proof, without an app and uses a unique charger. The UE Boom can also be used as a wireless handsfree, something I have been using on my desk recently.

I love bikes too, and Velorution is one of the best examples of boutique bikes shops in London. With bikes ranging from the few hundred to the few thousand it was enough to get me giddy. Very different to the bike shops I usually frequent as I’m a mountain biker over a roadie but nevertheless, ask any biker and lust over two wheels is strong despite the variation.

The team had partnered with artist James Straffon of Pop Art fame to personally monogram a UE Boom for each of the guests. This was great given the fondness I had for the speaker and brand already! It would also serve perfectly for our soon to be travels as I would need one less cable, save some weight and would stop people from potentially walking off with it given the monogram.

James Straffon UE Boom

There were also some giveaways going on during the night. One of which I ended up winning! Score! They were giving away a Straffon’d helmet and bike and some more fancy UE Boom’s painted by James.

The deal was to tweet including some hashtags for an entry into a hat. The helmet came up first and so did I :-)

Prosecco and canapés came a plenty and a DJ had some beats pumping out of 20 or so UE Booms hooked up together. As a fellow DJ we had a chat about them and how a bunch of UE Booms can be hooked up together at a house party to create a portable setup with a DJ controller, but that’s a whole other conversation.

The cool thing about the UE Boom is that they have friends. If you have 2 of them you can link them together to double the sound and throw.

The bike was next to go and went to the lovely Abbie Silvestre @amsinthecity who we had been chilling with. It was a really nice night and an interesting collaboration. Check out the video and pics.

UE Boom Winners

I got a UE Boom and won a helmet. I do genuinely recommend the speaker. For the money it is one of the best options on the market. I now own both of my favourite wireless speakers and depending on your needs, either of them is a great decision.