Apple Macbook

When Apple first released their Intel powered Macbooks in 2006 I was lucky enough to have a pretty awesome brother who bought me one for getting into a good uni. They came in White or Black. The black one was £100 more expensive for no reason at all other than the colour and they came with discount off an iPod (which I paid for and he kept as commission!)

We got the black one and I had my laptop for uni. Not many others had the black one and it was great! It did become the epicentre of everything I did though. All my work was done on it, research and writing, I listened to music, played games and I used it to generate income by upgrading my DJ equipment to Serato Scratch Live and using the Macbook as the control centre in my dream setup.

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Unfortunately by 2010 Apple had decided that this model was just too old and in Apple fashion, made it hard to use. I bought my brothers old Apple Macbook Pro from him soon after in a cash plus iPad offer and continued my Apple journey with a super slick Macbook Pro. I could continue all my work, play and now music production on it easily and it soon became a machine that both me and Girlf used due to its enormous capability and the Blackbook completely dieing, taking a number of happy memories with it on its now dead hard drive (thanks Apple).

Earlier this year however I was awkwardly embraced into the world of Windows working for Microsoft. I got the laptop and phone and a few more grey hairs for using them. My review of Windows products will follow at some point in the near future but this meant the OH commandeered the Pro all to herself. Having quite enough of Windows I elected to stay with my original idea that the Windows was for work and Apple was for home. As the OH was using the Pro 27 hours a day I had to get a new one. This took a bit of saving and I had to sell some stuff first. Now I have a Macbook Air with upgraded RAM and it is awesome.

A silly light and powerful laptop, I can still run my DJ, photo editing and music production software off it fairly comfortably. Only major downside is the lack of Retina display and the silver mount around the screen. It makes it look abit dated after using the black glass of the Pro and buying a brand new laptop without the most cutting edge technology.

It’s a bittersweet relationship with Apple however becasue as much as love the Macbook Air, I know at some point Apple with release required updates that will damage the computer like it has to each of the other models. Or that the hard drive will fail or it will burn up. I really dislike this and if there was a better alternative I would consider it, the issue is there is not.

Either Way I still have each of the machines and I would openly admit I’m not a complete Apple fanboy, they just make the products I prefer to use.

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