Not gonna lie – of all the platforms to lose your life to – I lose most of mine on this one. If the other half didn’t do the same we might have had to go to counselling by now but as it turns Pinterest is just a happy third wheel in our relationship.

You can quote Pinterest UK as saying the platform is a “discovery engine” which is pretty much bang on. You go there not always knowing what you will find and end up usually utterly astounded at what people have found and shared. Inspiration is thrown at you left, right and centre and you are spoilt for choice.

The point of this post is to provide a very basic idea of how I started and with which boards – you can check out my profile for what has become of it.


Follow Raj’s board Home Spaces on Pinterest.

Art & Design

Follow Raj’s board Art & Design on Pinterest.

Cool Pictures




Men’s Fashion


Men’s Accessories


Women’s Fashion


Fantasy (like homes, cars etc. aka not naughty stuff – but if you do, make it a secret board!)


That’ just 8 boards, I now have 20-odd and can happily add more. In terms of strategy and how to manage Pinterest, others are better poised to give you this information. I’m still an amateur but check out Blognix’s post here to learn a bit more about optimising for Pinterest and get sunk into this awesome awesome platform.