Bose Soundlink Mini

Gadgets are BIG! Like major. Everyone must have gadgets. Bond has gadgets. Inspector Gadget has a few and I’ve just realised gadget is one of those words that if you say enough times, will stop making sense.

I have a lot of these little things from my Apple iPhone and the little Griffin plugin thing to let me listen to music from it on my car stereo to my Victorinox Swiss army knife and brilliant Led Lenser MT7 torch. But there is one out and out gadget that I think has dramatically changed things for me everyday and in a much more unexpected way that I anticipated.

At a slightly more expensive gesture of self-spoiling than usual at £169 the Bose Soundlink Mini is by and away the best gadget I have bought in ages and my current “can’t live without” product.

There is a post on it’s way to review the little badboy but until then here’s a pic of us using it, lying down in Green Park listening to Jimi Hendrix. I’ve bought an orange case for it as it literally gets thrown in a bag and taken everywhere.

As a lover of music I believe it should played on equipment that does it justice. This is one such peice of equipment.

2014-05-25 14.27.41 copy