When I was 17 I was at the height of a career that would have taken me to a residency in Ibiza where I would have seen out something I have always dreamed about doing, still to this very day. Surrounded by people but not part of them, leading the way but standing in one place, my passion project has always been my DJ career.

Running my own nights and having played alongside some pretty big names – Pendulum, Shy FX, Annie Mac, Judge Jules and and very odd house party with the Scratch Perverts and MC Hype – I always knew if I focused I could turn this into a fully fledged career that I would love. However in the throws of A levels, Ibiza was never going to happen and the next problem came the cost. DJ’ing back then was an expensive hobby… cue student loan!! I spent the entirety of my student loan buying my dream kit. I won’t go into too much detail but the immortal Technics 1210’s were present along with some revolutionary tech called Serato.

Uni gigs were a lot of fun and paid for the nights I wasn’t working, well, one or two of them. There is a status to being a DJ and it is like a drug. I was always a club DJ and give credit to the party DJ’s that could do the birthday parties, summer balls and all that, I found them much harder to do, something about being asked to play Spice Girls for 3 people out of 50 or Tatu for the over dramatics, no one blames them, no! it’s all the DJ’s fault….. the club was my home and I miss it a lot. Now that technology has developed to become more affordable and more portable, I’ve picked up something to bring the DJ’ing back into play.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 23.53.45

I need to sell my old mixer to fund it but I know deep down that for all my business ambition, Dj’ing for the rest of my life would be something I could settle with doing. This kit let’s me do what I used to and still get on with work, so I’m being grown up about it.

DJ’ing is still well paid, and a respected career. Being a bad DJ should be criminal. There is so much young, raw talent in the music industry at the moment, inspiration isn’t hard to find. I would love to start a label and support some of these people myself but maybe only time will tell. If there are any people that read this and are into the music scene, please say hey, send me your Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Beatport etc. I’d love to listen.

Also, there are few more impressive things than being another unassuming person in a crowd but then walking up to a set of decks and entertaining all around you.