Running Jacket

To aid me in my new hobby of Run-Commuting I decided I needed a new running jacket. Something that would protect me from the English weather, look cool and be very lightweight to go over my other layers. I like the idea of a running jacket as for me, being a larger chap, the extra layer irons out the body shape which gives me confidence to run in public. My previous one did me well but was not waterproof. It was from Decathalon and served for the last few years as a good additonal layer going to and from the gym. Now I needed something alot more suitable.

I found these and tried them all on in store or after ordering online. My decision is at the bottom.

Nike – Explore – £75

Nike Explore Jacket

The North Face – Featherlite Storm Blocker – £136

North Face FeatherliteNike – Vapour Livestrong Edition – £70 


I bought this one.

Adidas – Supernova Gore – £95

Adidas Running Jacket

Montane – Sabretooth  – £150

Montane Sabretooth

Decathalon – Kalenji – £36.99

Decathalon - Kalenji

Gore – Countdown – £180

Gore Countdown Jacket

After all of these, I decided to go with the Nike Vapour Livestrong Jacket. These were my reasons –

  1. It’s very lighweight and can be stuffed into a small bag pocket
  2. Has a detachable hood
  3. Reflectors and colours
  4. I like Livestrong despite it’s founder
  5. It was in the sale at £50

I thought the Nike Explorer looked abit to casual and something that could be worth by someone just walking down the street.

The North Face jacket was great build but abit too simple for the money, the colour was too much also!

The Adidas is a great great jacket for the price considering it has Gore-Tex technology in it, but I had decided that I wanted a hood.

If I had the money I would have bought the Montane, if this becomes a serious hobby then I most likely will. This jacket was strong, lightweight and fit really well allowing for great flexibility. Definitiely my favourite but it was just too much money.

Decathalon’s offering was good but the zip being offset aggrevated the running stride, the built was good and would have been an option except for this.

Finally the Gore, as recommended by the RunnersNeed in Victoria, was a nice jacket but was too expensive and I had already fallen for the Montane