RunCommute T-shirt

My journey to work goes like this –

  1. House to Milton Keynes Train Station
  2. Train to London Euston
  3. Euston to Victoria on the Underground
  4. Walk to Office

I leave the house at 6:30 and get to work for 8:15 – 1hr 45mins. This happens all over again in the evening.

Getting into my fitness flow I’ve taken up running. My choice to do this is heavily influenced by the fact that everyone runs in London! Everyone! well – you know what I mean. Working next to Hyde park also means that people at work are always talking about a quick run around Hyde Park!!! I want to say that!

“Hey, how was your lunch break”
“Oh, just a cheeky jog around Hyde Park”

So I thought of combining this with the commute and what do you know – there is actually a thing called “Run-Commuting”. There are communities and groups, some even have T-shirts!

So I have started running the journey between the house and the station and between work and Euston. This means 8 miles a day the route I go. That’s alright for me! And even better is that saves my £11 a day and only takes 15 mins longer each way!

What I’ve come to appreciate about running is one thing, other than the obvious fitness benefit, it is that I can stop when I want. I can walk when I want or take a break when I want. This is bigger benefit than I realised. On a treadmill, you keep going, everyone watches your hand move to the speed button to go slower and you feel like you’ve failed, atleast I do. Same in a Spin class or on a rower, you can’t really stop. Also you see the sights abit better –

RunCommute Buckingham Palace

RunCommute Royal Mall

I’m enjoying it alot at the moment and I can run further than I realised, well, get further than I realised, whether it’s running or walking for abit. Having embraced the Run-Commute I used it as an excuse to buy some stuff!! Like a new Running Jacket