Healthy Porridge

In attempt to get some more low GI into my diet and given the various sources of nutritional information telling me porridge is the food of gods – at least the healthy ones – I have decided to try Porridge for breakfast. Omitting the packet stuff with all the yummy sugar and flavouring (and sometimes chocolate sprinkles) I’ve gone for standard porridge oats and it appears the gods had no taste buds…at all.

Attempt one went something like this – Some Oats, some water, 2 minutes in the microwave. Result – A porridge lined microwave. It turns out the measurements with porridge and continuous monitoring is rather important.

Attempt two –  Gave up and ate Weetabix :-)

Attempt three  – A measured amount of oats and a measured amount of water, 1.34mins in the microwave – Result – a clean microwave but mushy oats that tasted a bit insipid  – just plain bland and watery.

Attempt four – Oats, MILK, microwave and a nice dollop of golden syrup sprinkled with cinnamon to serve – Result – almost 30% of my daily calorie intake on MyFitnessPal! and stern look from the Girlfriend – she could tell I was enjoying it too much.

MyFitnessPal - Porridge with Syrup

I did some research online and the Scots stand by water and salt, the Brits stand by milk and golden syrup or honey and the americans stand by milk and cream and sugar and cinnamon (based on what I read anyway).

So Attempt five went like this – Oats and water in a pan on the hob on low heat for 20 minutes, add 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar, simmer again for 10 mins with lid on, serve immediately with 1/2 tsp brown sugar sprinkled on top with a side of fruit – Result – a pretty nice breakfast. Thick, sweet and 1 of your 5 a day.

MyFitnessPal - Porridge with Water and Brown Sugar

Why – On the hob over time thickens the mixture, the sugar in the hob adds sweetness to the mix, the sugar on top adds texture and sweetness. The fruit, the more tart the better, adds and opposing sensation on the palette. I tried putting the fruit in the porridge but the different temperatures made it abit odd. So that’s my porridge recipe. Only 195 on MyFitnessPal and keeps me going until the cake at mid-morning ;-) joke!

How do you make yours?